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  • Age: 22
  • Location: Город радости
  • Likes: Beautiful southern evening. Cicadas sing, and somewhere in the eternal languor the sea sighs wetly, touching the shore and moving away from it again. The birds are already settling down for the night in the dense branches of the trees. All nature is attuned to love. I inhale the fragrance of southern flowers, which excite my imagination with their delicate scent. But what excites my imagination even more is the knowledge that He is already waiting for me in the little house on the beach. I run across the wooden bridges, taking off my light sandals so that my heels don't clatter on the boards. I don't feel the weight of my body, spurred on by love, excitement, and desire. Who I am doesn't matter, I am a part of the world, a harmonious cell of the Universe that has finally found its own kind and longs to merge with it. I run into the porch, knock, and the door opens immediately. He meets me. Restraining our impatience, we enter the room with our arms around each other. Everything is prepared for a love date in it. On a low table there is a bowl of fruit, red wine, and wonderful soft music that I love so much.
  • Dislikes: WHAT MEN HATE MOST ABOUT SEX TWENTY OF THE MOST COMMON COMPLAINTS OF MEN. Here they are-the twenty most common female sexual mistakes that men do not like so much and really want women to know about it. I've compiled this list based on hundreds of interviews and discussions I've had with men over the past few years. The order of the items in this list is arbitrary — it simply contains the twenty most frequent complaints that I have heard. Undoubtedly, every man has his own similar list. I am sure that if you show my list to your man, he will agree with some things and not with some things and add his own items. But I have no doubt that what I want to introduce you to will be useful for every woman to know. You may find that some of the items on this list seem to have nothing to do with sex. However, this is something that repels men, and therefore reduces your attractiveness, so it is just as important as sexual complaints. POINT 1 MEN CAN'T STAND IT WHEN WOMEN ACT LIKE THEY DON'T LIKE SEX "It gives me the feeling that my love for sex is abnormal, as if I am some kind of animal or an underdeveloped being, and she is above sex." "I hate it when my wife acts like she's doing me a favor by making love. She doesn't say it outright, of course, but I can hear her say to herself, ' Oh, well, that's all right, I've got to get through this so he won't bother me again for a week or two.'" "I had a girlfriend who was afraid to show me how much she loved sex, so as not to look "dirty" or " lustful." She always took a long time to persuade herself before going to bed, pretending that she just tolerated sex, but I felt like some kind of sexual pervert in this situation." Here's how men themselves talk about what annoys them about women who behave as if they don't like sex. This refers to women who speak disparagingly about sex; feel embarrassed when talking about sex; often show their reluctance to make love; criticize their lovers or husbands for showing their sexuality; behave in bed in accordance with the principle of "it must be endured" or show that they simply tolerate sex. WHY DO MEN DISLIKE IT SO MUCH? As we noted earlier, sex is perhaps the only area where a man inevitably opens up to a woman, while becoming vulnerable. When a woman behaves as if she does not like sex, a man begins to feel "bad", "dirty", he is embarrassed and reproaches himself for intemperance. And you, after reading the fourth chapter, already know how men do not like to feel wrong. This behavior of a woman makes a man feel uncomfortable — "if I were a' real man, '"he thinks," she would want me." A woman may actually love sex, but she's just too shy to show it. Nevertheless, her partner will feel the need to "protect himself" from her judgment, which will gradually lead to the fact that she will no longer excite him at all. A MAN WILL NEVER OPEN UP TO A WOMAN WHO DOES NOT SHARE OR UNDERSTAND HIS DESIRES. WHY WOMEN DO THIS. There are several explanations for why women behave as if they don't like sex. 1. Myth: Men do not respect women who love sex. Many of us heard it as children: "Don't show the boys that you like them or they won't respect you and you won't get married." So we learned to suppress our own sexuality, so as not to look too loose and enlightened about sex. It's time to get rid of this myth. Most emotionally healthy men would like to see women around them who enjoy sex, as this would contribute to their own sexual liberation. So if you are still playing the role of the "good girl", relax and become that sensual woman who lives inside you. 2. You may love sex, but you may not be aroused by your partner or you may not be satisfied with his sexual style. One couple recently came to me for a consultation. The man complained that his wife did not like sex. I asked him to come out, and when I was alone with her, I invited her to share her problems with me as a woman. "It's true," she admitted. — I do avoid sexual relations with my husband, but not because I do not like sex. I love sex. I just don't like sex with him!» If you act like you don't like sex, ask yourself, "Would I like sex if my partner behaved differently in bed?» If the answer is yes, talk about it with your sexual partner, express your wishes to him. Perhaps it would be useful for you to visit a sexologist who would help you achieve sexual harmony. Another reason for the decline in sexual desire may be the emotional tension in your relationship. As I noted in my book "How to love always", suppressed irritation, resentment, distrust-all this gradually kills the passion between you and a man. Try to defuse the emotional atmosphere, and your sexual relationship will blossom again. 3. You may just not like sex. If you feel that your problems are more serious than anything I've just mentioned, and that you really don't enjoy sex, I recommend that you consult a sexologist to try to figure out what is blocking your sexuality. Very often this happens to women who have suffered sexual abuse in childhood. Ask for help to find harmony and happiness in love. DECISION: The solution is to not hide your sensuality and sexuality from your man. Give yourself the opportunity to enjoy your own sexuality both in bed and out of it. Tell a man that you want him, do not hide your sexual desires from him, and you will see how exciting it will affect him! POINT 2 MEN DO NOT LIKE WOMEN WHO NEVER INITIATE SEX "I hate that my wife is so rarely the initiator of sex, so I have to always offer sex myself and thus run the risk of being rejected by her." "To tell you the truth, I feel quite uncomfortable with my girlfriend, as she never tries to seduce me, she always waits for me to do it. Sometimes I know that she wants me, but still never makes the first move, it's so annoying to me." Men do not like women who never initiate sex. Men feel uncomfortable with them, which irritates them. WHY MEN DON'T LIKE IT SO MUCH. If you rarely show sexual initiative, the man has a feeling that it is only in his hands. And this is, after all, a certain emotional risk: you may not be in the mood, it may not excite you enough. When you are not sexually active, your partner begins to feel responsible for your sex life. And remember: men are already fed up with the sense of responsibility. And if they see that you do not want to share the burden of responsibility for your sexual relationship with them, deep down they begin to feel betrayed, followed by anger and irritation. WHY WOMEN DO THIS. Women are not sexually active for much the same reasons that they behave as if they don't like sex. We think that to initiate sex is to show our love for it (and it is!); we may seek to avoid sex with our partners or sex in general; we may use sex as a means of putting pressure on our partner if we feel powerless in other areas of the relationship. But all this causes men only a feeling of irritation and frustration. DECISION: The same as in point 1: do not hide your desires from men! Of course, you can sometimes also be rejected. But he will know that you want him as much as he wants you, and this always has an exciting effect on men. POINT 3 MEN DO NOT LIKE WOMEN WHO DO NOT KNOW THE MALE BODY "I was once with a woman who touched my penis as if it were an antique. She felt so shy when she touched him, as if she'd never seen anything like it in her life, and I knew for a fact that she hadn't. I couldn't make love to her at all." "What I hate is when women complain that they are not satisfied with the foreplay of love, if a man caresses only the breasts and vagina. But women do the same thing — they think that if they have kissed you and grabbed your penis, it is quite enough Of course, I am very pleased when they do it, but it is not enough, and I do not feel that they are involved in the process of love." We all know how annoying it is when a man grabs your breasts and barely touches your vagina, expecting you to reach the highest point of arousal. Well, you may be surprised that men feel the same way — they get annoyed when you limit the foreplay of love to just the penis, while holding it as if it's a loaded gun that can shoot and injure you at any moment. WHY MEN DON'T LIKE IT SO MUCH. They begin to feel like sexual objects, as if you don't want to express your love to them in bed, but just want to use their penis. This gives them the impression that you don't like their body or that you don't know what turns them on. If you touch the penis uncertainly, without showing sensuality, the man begins to think that you do not like his penis (do not laugh!), and therefore you do not like him either. We have already talked about what a vulnerable place in a man is their sexual organ. MEN IDENTIFY SO MUCH WITH THEIR PENIS THAT THEY INTERPRET YOUR RELATIONSHIP TO THEIR SEXUAL ORGAN AS YOUR RELATIONSHIP TO THEM
  • Gender: couple
  • Height: 5'7" - 5'9" [170cm - 175cm]
  • Weight: 120 - 140 lbs [55 - 63 kg]
  • Ethnicity: Middle Eastern
  • Hair Color: blonde
  • Eye Color: green
  • Languages: Russian, English

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